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Payment Policies

Delinquent Date

Payment is due on or before the due date as stated on bill. Any payment made after the due date is considered late and a 10% penalty is accessed. If the 15th falls on a weekend or holiday, bills will show a due date of the next business day. If payments are dropped in the Night Drop on the 15th they will be counted on due date when picked up by 7:30AM the following morning. Any payments after that time will be considered late.
PAYMENTS are due on or before the due date as stated on the water bill. Payments made after the 15th are considered late and a 10% penalty will be accessed. Payments
placed in the "Night Drop" when the 15th falls on a Friday will be accepted on the next working day when picked up at 7:30am.
Cut-Off Date

A past-due bill must be paid by the due date on the Disconnection Notice to avoid service interruption. If payment has not been made and service has been disconnected you must contact our office to reconnect your service.

Return Checks

There is a $25.00 Service Charge for a returned check. After a 2nd return check is received all future payments must be made by cash or money order. The customer will be notified by mail of any returned check and payment must be made directly to the office.

Installation Fees

All new customers applying for a new meter installation must fill out an Application for Service. Water Application Packets may be picked up at the Cypress Springs Special Utility District Office at 114 FM 115 Mount Vernon Texas. You may also request an application be mailed. Applications cannot be faxed and are not accessible on the website.

Standard Meter Set Fees

5/8" - 3/4" meter
meter set + $75.00
Deposit = $1200.00
1" meter
$1375.00meter set + $75.00Deposit = $1400.00
1 1/2" meter

Please Contact Our Office For Cost
2" meter

Please Contact Our Office For Cost

For a standard meter set the water line must be on the side of the road where the meter is to be placed. Other fees will apply to meter installations that must be on the opposite side of the road or where CSSUD will have to do a line extension in order to get service to the customers.

To apply at a location where service has previously been installed with a standard 5/8 inch meter an installation application must be completed and a Re-service fee of $300.00 paid. Please call the office for information regarding larger meter Re-servicing.

Water Service Rate

The monthly rate for water is $4.85 per each thousand gallons with a service availability fee of $26.00 for a standard 5/8 inch meter. The service availability fee will be different for larger meters.