All Forms & Reports

Draft Forms must be filled out with an attached VOIDED CHECK or the form will be returned. If you do not have checks you may go online to log on to your account and set your account up for recurring draft. If you wish to STOP A DRAFT, you must do so by filling out the STOP DRAFT FORM and returning it to us by mail or email before Drafts are processed around the 1st of each month.

***Please note: If you no longer wish for CSSUD to draft your bank account, you are responsible for submitting a Stop Bank Draft Form before the 1st of the month. If the form is not received and the draft comes back for any reason, you are responsible for all amounts debited and any other fees associated until we receive the Stop Bank Draft form. ***

If selling your property, you will need to fill out the DEPOSIT REFUND FORM and return form by either mail or email. **Only the $75.00 Deposit is refundable.**