New Service Request

Welcome to the Cypress Springs Special Utility District. Please contact our office by phone at (903)588-2081 before filling out Service Applications to discuss the cost of the new service (EASEMENT CANNOT BE FAXED OR EMAILED), all original documents are needed and please print Service Application single-sided. You will need to contact our office if the property you are purchasing doesn't have water service but has an empty meter box to find out what the cost will be. Cypress Springs SUD looks forward to serving your water needs. 


***Service with the District is considered temporary until all requested documents are completed. The Applicant has 30 days to complete and return all documents or is subject to forfeiture of service and all fees paid to date. Upon forfeiture, the District will hang a notice at the meter notifying the Applicant. ***

9-1-1 Address Request Form:   or call  1-800-373-9028


*****Once Fees are paid you will need to fill out a Deposit Refund Form to terminate service for any reason. Only the $75.00 Deposit is refundable.*****